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Thursday, April 24, 2008

How about to start with Interactive Video?

I guess interactive internet video is a nice starter for a new blog about e and interactive media. There are a couple of services around, which do enable interactivity at internet video. Here they are:

Asterpix.com is a video community, which enables users to add comments into the videos.

Overlay.tv uses another approach. It is rather a webbased software enabling to add interactivity to videos and post them on an own website. But there are also a community and some featured video artists.

Videoclix.tv again is different to the services mentioned above. Here interactivity is added automaticly. The added information may be commercial, which makes it an advertising solution for internet video.

Vimation, last but not least, this has been the first I became aware of, which is a solution provider.

As you probably like this stuff here are two links to further commercial services related to rich media and video advertising and internet video in general.

See you soon for further features at this blog about e-media.

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