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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How Films may become Interactive

I came across some state of the art and cutting edge services by researching lately. These really are revolutionary and every one for its own is able to change media. By putting them together even a new kind of film may arise, interactive movies. Already sometime ago people have started to experiment with new media to make films interactive. First tries have given the option to choose from different actions, e.g. using the left or the right door. This has been done at the internet as well as on cd sometime ago. Korsakow Syndrom is website remained online.

The new stuff is 360 degree video, which means that a whole environment is filmed, in front and at the back. This is Immersive Media offering. You can visit the website and will find some examples. The films become navigated by the mouse within the video.

This would enable to film a whole environment to give a playing field for interactive action. But there are still no actors. This would be a bit tricky. Do get actors into a movie in the future one may use artificial intelligence, an ai software and an avatar. The avatar may look like a star and be trained by one as ai is even able to learn. There are already application available for similar purposes like games (Artificial or Xaitment). .

By this the preconditions for an interactive film are available. One may film an environment and has actors, who could engage into the action the viewer wants.

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