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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PaaS - A new kind of Software Development Platform

PaaS is a new kind of software development platform targeting the web application market, where PaaS stands for Platform as a Service. PaaS services do offer a bundle of tools to ease the software development process and improve the time to market of new applications. Advantages are similar to SaaS services, Software as a Service also called Application Service Providers, which do offer software to rent or so called web based software. Typically this means less or no investments in IT infrastucture, updates and maintenance are done by the service providers. PaaS services do offer and maintenance the software platform and collaboration tools for software projects, tools for software testing and last but not least they may host the new developed applications.

List of PaaS services: Innovations in Internet Business Software

Web based software is a general trend and the development of new applications is fastening and going along with software innovations like Online Desktops and WebOS services, Web based Operation Systems. This trend is due to applications of general interest as well as for industrial applications and, too, significantly shown by the web 2.0 movement, where new applications and services are coming up daily.

Article: SaaS is driving the world's 60 fastest-growing software companies, study finds

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