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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comparison of HD Video Services at the Internet

Cnet's Webware did a test of hd video services at the internet, which has started to become a common standard at the internet. Nice to know, today the internet with its 1 billion netizens is the largest unique hd platform, no other platform can compete with this reach.

The Webware test compared six internet video services with hd quality. Part of the comparison has been image quality of still and moving images. But what to internet users might be more important are factors like maximal length and storage, which is shown in a nice chart. So the test is fine, but it does not embrace all hd video services at the internet. There are some more hd video services and some are specialized in professional or semi professional usage. If you like a broader choice, click here for further hd video services.

Which HD video Web service is the best?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shopping TV at the Internet

This service looks a bit strange to savvy internet users. Honeyshed is something like shopping tv brought to the internet. It is rather pure tv and nearly without interactivity and tools for sharing. To buy the featured products one needs to become a member.

Interactive Video and Commerce Solution

evenhere is offering a complete interactive video solution for commercial usage. Whereas other solutions have not been analyzed regarding the readiness for commercial use, it seems that evenhere has something unique to offer. Beside a content management system the solution has a product management modul. By this modul retailers are able to choose products from a database to become shown within a video. Furthermore a key issue of the solution is the ease of navigation, which makes it simple for users to navigate the application even with a remote control on tv sets.

Last but not least an up to date study has shown that about 60 % of marketers are totally aware about interactive video features and aim to employ this technology soon. Here you may find an introduction to this online video study.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Interactive Video Feature deserves Ovations

Innovid, a provider of an interactive clickable video solution, has put a demo video on its website that deserves applause. One may even describe it as an art piece. They have integrated a couple of possible features, even a playable ping pong video game and clickable rss feeds. Everything happens within a living room. By two tabs at the left and at the right one may change the scene and various elements within the video are clickable. This is the best feature of interactive video I have seen for now. The video is available at the Innovid homepage.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A free File Hosting Service that Pays

The file hosting service Uploading.com offers free hosting and an affiliate program that pays for free downloads and file sharing. The amount paid is up to 2 Cents per download (usually 1Cent), which means up to 20 Dollars for 1000 free downloads.

That may sound strange, but it makes sense. Hosting and internet traffic prices have become more affordable and 1 Cent per download looks like a minimal amount beside the costs of the infrastructure. Furthermore there are free and premium accounts offered, by which the additional costs may become compensated. Looks a bit like paradise.

Here you may find further file hosting services.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something more about 3D Screens

There have been a couple of articles about 3d screens and technologies at this blog beside virtual reality issues. Some have been about new graphic programs using algorithms to make 3d a reality and others about manufacturers offering 3d ready screens and even tv sets.

Today I read an article reporting about new products introduced at the CES. These products are tv sets using a technology that already has been applied in the fifties or sixties, which is using glasses for a 3d experience. Whereas I know from modern 3d cinema that 3d with glasses is a real great experience I wonder how this is related to up to date technologies, which makes 3d a reality by using software. Related to 3d without this old technology the article mentions various difficulties from production to technological issues.

Various I am not an expert in this field, this seems to be a strange case to me. Opposite to the mentioned arguments I wonder, if this might be an issue of different technological developments and worlds. The latter is something I have often recognized related to the internet elite and old media. The approach at the article claims that there are various cameras needed to make a 3d movie. How does this match with the mathematical approach of 3d software, which is even able to generate a 3d image from existing 2d footage? Wouldn't it be easier and more favorable to develop a new system that digitally store data instead of employing an analog approach using several cameras, which at the end obliges the viewer to wear glasses?

3D is coming to a living room near you

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The FOLDEN Gagdet is here

As announced here comes the news section of FOLDEN.INFO. I realized it by using Google Gadgets. You may share the news by using the customizable gadget on a blog, website or within your Google account. Just click on the Google button and you will become relocated to a page with further information. Elsewise you may have a look or fetch it from within the website.

Visit my Google Friend Connect

Business Thursday: I set up a Google Friend Connect community at an associated website, which can be visited here and like to share some experiences. Probably you have already heard about Google Friend Connect and others aggregated social networking services, which do enable social networking features at third party websites like aggregated access to these social networking features to users and to connect with others across the web. This kind of feature has been covered at this blog by the term immersive web. To be named other popular aggregators are Facebook Connect, MySpace Open Platform and last but not least the open source initiative OpenID.

Advantages of these service are the easy access to websites for users without submitting a broad range of data at every service visited and to have their friends with them. Especially to small publishers it is an opportunity to get community features on a website as developing an community is not an easy task. Further interesting opportunities by aggregated networks do arise to advertisers as describe at this article.

Actually I have started to use Google Friend Connect at one of my websites, FOLDEN.INFO. My experience for now is that it is easy to start using the service. This is done by an easy to use webbased configurator without programming scills. Beside a code just two files have to be put into the directory of a website and the service is ready to work. Another reason to recommend Google Friend Connect as a website feature are the various ways to join such a website community. This may happen by account data of popular services and by OpenID.

Next I will enrich the FOLDEN.INFO website by putting some information onto the directory pages from integrated blogs. To do this I have searched for a feed mashup tool yesterday. I wanted to try something new, but found my own site and within the site RSS Mix. This works fine and I may warmly recommend FOLDEN.INFO as a source for marketing, tools and up to date services. So have a look for Google Friend Connect on FOLDEN.INFO, you are welcome.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Twitter Client and Social Network Aggregator

PeopleBrowsr is a comfortable new social network aggregator and twitter client. The online service enables to follow friends at various networks and to make posts from within the webapp. What makes it a comfortable tool is the ability to arrange groups of people or interests within customizable seperate windows and across various networks. By this one may arrange particular windows for particular purposes like events, news or friends.

Actually PeopleBrowsr is still in alpha but public. Login is most easy by using Twitter user data, just an email address needs to be supplied.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Social Media Advertising and Website Revenues

Lookery is an interesting service with an interesting business model. The service is offering web analytics and audience analytics to publishers for free. These stats include relevant keywords and demographic data. The data becomes available by aggregated data of web usage and visits to third party sites, where anonymized registration data is shared. If the website of a publisher has a login area, too, the registration data may become used to generate revenues by being shared anonymously.

The business of Lookery is to offer advertising opportunities based on the data across the social web and to share the anonymized data with advertising networks. It is one of the biggest social media advertising networks displaying about 3 billion ad impressions every month. To publishers it is a monetization opportunity without displaying ads.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Marketplace for Texts and Writing

Business Thursday: Texts of course are an essential element of the family of content. Especially in the online world there are various purposes for texts. Exemplary there is text as content itself or texts optimized to improve the appearance and ranking at search engines.

Contentworld is an online marketplace for texts. The service matches authors with buyers of text content. People may upload texts or write on behalf of someone and earn money. In the opposite way buyers may search for content or submit requests on specific topics. Writers are free to set the price for written texts. For orders the price may become negotiated between both parties.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Social Search Engine

This second post today about social search is dedicated to Artiklz, which has just has come out of private beta and which is now available to everyone. Artiklz is both, a social web search engine to find issues on the social web and a social media search engine offering personalization. There are member areas for readers and publishers. To readers there are aggregation functions to access favorite media within the account. To publishers there are various promotional tools

WhosTalkin searches the Social Web

WhosTalkin.com is a new search engine targeting content at the social web. It works with a proprietary technology and connects to various important social media gateways, where the search engine is looking for conversations. One may see the connected services by doing a test query. The services are listed at the left within a menu.

The search engine is suitable for personal and professional research. At the bottom of the left menu (of the serps) there are further tools available, which do make WhosTalkin.com even usable for media monitoring.

Yahoo Widgets used in a further Interactive TV Project

Yahoo has made other announcement about the use of its widget platform to be used for interactive tv. This time cooperation with Samsung has been communicated. Formerly in August a cooperation with Intel was announced.

The cooperation with Samsung has a clear time table and first tv sets equipped with the yahoo widget engine will already be available within 2009. So one may already talk about a product. By the availability of widgets at the tv set people will be able to receive personal information and to communicate. The platform is most flexible and new applications may become developed by using tools of Yahoo Widgets.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Personal Broadcasting from Smartphones and the Web

Bambuser provides an application for live broadcasting. The service enables to broadcast by digital cams, webcams and from equipped smartphones. Mobile broadcasts may happen by connection to GSM Networks or Wifi. If there is only a slow connections available, the quality of a stream may become adjusted by the image size. Further features are sharing of archived videos and a chat function within the video player.

To watch videos there are a search engine and a geographical assorted directory available at the homepage. Further general information and information on how to download the application are available at the FAQ page.

New Twitter Web Interface with Aggregation Functions

TweeTree is a nice new Twitter web interface, which integrates a couple of other social media services. The integration happens by displaying the content a link within a message is referring to. If a link refers to one of the integrated services, the linked message will be displayed. For example if someone links an image on Flickr or a video on YouTube, these media will be displayed within the tweet. This might be most useful to someone who is often sharing media on Twitter.

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