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Thursday, August 28, 2008

3D Visualization is Upcoming

3d visualization is an upcoming technology. The adaption of 3d technologies happens at the internet, at hardware, monitors and screens, virtual reality of course, for real 3d films and by applications. The latter may support the 3d experience on screens.

A software for a 3d experience at the internet is offered by Cool Iris. It is a browser plugin and toolbar facilitating 3d visualization for images, photos and videos. With the plugin one may get a 3d experience at a broad range of popular media sharing sites. The toolbar enables to browse for media and sharing.

Another software is Photosynth by Microsoft. This software transforms several nearby photos into a browsable 3d presentation.

Putting the right software into a receiver with computer capacity might be a solution for 3D Displays without auxiliary means like glasses. Possibly there will be some news about 3d screens by the IFA coverage on Friday.

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