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Friday, August 15, 2008

Social Networking with Flock

Going into social networking is about using services and connecting with other people for various purposes. For the best experience while using a couple of social media services a social network aggregator is recommended to ease access and to stay updated with news and activities of friends and others. At the introduction to social networking I told that I decided to use the Flock Browser. Here are some experiences.

Flock is a complete browser solution with all functions that other browsers have, but with useful additions for social networking. While starting a more serious social networking experience with Flock my first actions have been checking out some of the features. The first thing that I remarked has been the media stream surfbar at the top displaying thumbnails of photos and videos. By the default settings there are some photo and video media streams made available. To find more there is a special search function enabling to search for multimedia and stay connected with a theme. This is a nice entertaining and customizable surfing experience.

The second basic element is the sidebar, where typical browser functions are displayed and further integrated social networking tools. The basic functions are bookmarks and a newsfeed reader. Both are customizable in a most flexible way. What I really enjoyed lately is the customization of the feed reader, which allows to assort newsfeeds within folders. This as well as the feed reader at all is giving a comfortable reading experience. What is remarkable with the bookmarking function is that new bookmarks may become automaticly forwarded to several social bookmarking services.

Advanced social networking options at the sidebar are the administration of accounts and the friend function, which both do require accounts do be used. The friend function displays logos and enables to watch the activity of someone. Another advanced option is a blog editor, which can be used with most common blogging services and software.

Flock is most customizable and permanently updating the software, adding new features and integrates further social networking services. Actually only a couple of well known social media services are completely integrated. But by customization and easy installation of plugins at the toolbar most services are reachable and every particular service offering a plugin can be added. Flock has great tools, is giving a comfortable surfing experience and is by this a recommendable social networking aggregator and browser.

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