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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interactive Video with Omnisio

Omnisio is another video sharing site with interactive video features. The service offers typical features of video sharing sites like channels, but goes beyond this and does offer tools for compilations and presentations by using other media like text, images and photos beside video. In short, it is multimedia (view example). What makes the videos interactive is the ability to add comments and links. Additionally a menu beside the player may offer further information about the content. Something nice for sharing a video is the ability to easily build a link just for a part of a video by a button at the right. Comments become added by a simple click into a video, viewers have the ability to filter added comments.

There is a statement at the website mentioning that interactive video is just in the beginning and that new opportunities will come up. Lately the service has been acquired by Google and the team looks forward to work together with the YouTube team.

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