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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mobile Advertising is getting hot

Mobile advertising is an emerging market. People get smarter mobile phones with internet access and flatrates enable everyone to surf the mobile web without thinking about the costs. By this the mobile web becomes an everyday medium as it is the internet. There are already a couple of mobile advertising networks offering the same opportunities like ad networks on the internet. To independent publishers this is a new earning opportunity and a reason to develop mobile pages. Whereas actually the usage of the mobile web is beyond the usage of the web, the future looks promising because of the broad user base. There are about two billion mobile phone users in the world. Often mentioned key factors of the mobile internet are practical applications and tools. This is plausible as the screen is small and as on the go everything needs to work easily and fast. But this might change by available bandwidth and flatrates. Mobile social media already has become a very popular feature for mobile users as mentioned at Mobile Social Media dominates the Mobile Usage.

But mobile advertising and marketing is much more than display advertising. Other forms of advertising are text and multimedia messaging, coupons and incentives and mobile widgets. Further features of the future will be a broader usage of locations based media.

There is an up to date report with an overview about mobile advertising by the IAB available as a pdf file: A Mobile Advertising Overview. To learn more about mobile advertising and marketing I recommend the homepage of the MMA Global with up to date articles, reports about mobile campaigns and white papers. If you would like to surf the mobile web I recommend FOLDEN Mobile, which lists up to date mobile services usable without a software installation.

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