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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Video Business and Advertising

Business Thursday: Video is the new darling of internet marketing. Research studies give most promising predictions for the online video market, even better than the broad adoption that already happens. There is indeed a broad range of services and solutions available for the usage of internet video as well as for video advertising.

For video advertising a new breed of services came up. This is product placement at internet video. Product placement is an advertising format, where products are obviously introduced or used within a story. That is nothing new and it has been reported that already Lonely Girl, one of the first stars of online video, has been visited by marketers and has been talking about the marketers products. Usually product placement is arranged by advertising agencies. But now there is a trend for marketplaces connecting video producers and advertisers aiming to place products within internet video.

There is StoryBids targeting filmmakers and video producers, which have reached a significant audience at new media and by viral videos. StoryBids brings together creators and advertisers for auctioning available placements.

Trendessence is both, a marketplace for product placements and a provider of video advertising solutions. At the marketplace video makers and advertisers may come together. What Trendessence is offering next is the delivering of ads and the tracking of the video usage, which makes the success of a campaign countable.

Zadby is offering a business opportunity for everyone. They encourage freelancers and hobby filmmakers to join their service.

Reach is always crucial for success in the advertising business. To increase the reach one may use several services, which is done best by a social media strategy using aggregators. Some special aggregators are available for the video business to upload videos to several video sharing sites. Services for aggregated uploads and the tracking of the number of views and downloads are Hey!Spread, TubeMogul.com and VideoCounter.com.

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