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Monday, October 20, 2008

Writing a Guest Article at emediablogger

The emediablogger weblog is looking for guest authors and this brief article is just related to do business with the the emediablogger weblog. Advantages of writing a guest article are well known. It is a chance to reach a broader audience and to increase the visibility. On my side I am looking for content and for new contacts. The latter for social networking, if you like, too.

So here are some basic facts and requirements: Most covered topics at the emediablogger weblog for now are live blogging tools and video, blogging, internet marketing at the social web and social networking, virtual reality and widgets. It is all about innovative and interactive services. If you like to write an article to increase your reputation by showing your knowledge about a subject or to represent an own product or service, you are welcome to submit a request for further communications and evaluation.

Please use the following link to be redirected to a contact form.

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