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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Co Browsing with Lifestreaming Part 3

This is the third part of the co browsing software and tools series. This article is about co browsing software with a social networking approach.

At first there is Socialbrowse. It is one of the easiest way of social bookmarking and sharing websites I have seen and a complete social network and networking tool. The application consists of a browser extension that consists of three tiny buttons and a sidebar. By the buttons a bookmark is added with just one click and becomes catogorized already with just two clicks. Add and view comments is done the same way. The sidebar is displaying lifestreams either of all, hot or personalized topics or comments. Managing topics happens at an own profile page that is equipped with several feeds to share activities at other services and a facility to follow others. Twitter is completely integrated and posts and messages may become posted and reposted at Twitter immediately.

The second exciting tool is yoono, which again is a complete social networking solution. The primary element of yoono is a sidebar that may become personalized by a couple of ready to use proprietary widgets. The friends widget has complete social network aggregator capabilities. It integrates the most important social networks and instant messaging services and enables to follow updates either by streams at the sidebar or by tiny popups at the screen. New friends may be found at yoono by similar interests and a profile seach engine. An interesting feature to share links and content is integrated at the web notes widget. By this widget any content, text parts or media, may become shared by copying or drag and drog. Other great features are photo and video widgets, the integration of last.fm to listen music and more. Furthermore yoono offers several tools to discover new sites and recommendations.

Last but not least I had a look at Cluztr, which I guess is unique by streaming clicks instead of social networking activities. As what they are doing this feature is called clickstreams. Another interesting thing about these clickstreams is that these do replace bookmarks as clicks become recorded automaticly. Co browsing may happen with friends or by visiting popular websites evaluated by the own ranking system based on the number of clicks. There are a couple of tools to connect with others like recommendations, instant messaging and chat. Cluztr is in private beta and the only service I have not tried. Invitations may become requested at the registration page.

All co browsing services at this article are useful social networking tools offering aggregation facilities and integration with other social media services. Another feature all of these services do claim is the ability to leave comments at third party websites. This has been the only feature I have not been able to experience, which might be due a lag of time and being a novice user. Doing annotations at websites will be the topic of the next article about co browsing.

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