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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Video Gift Guide enables Interactive Video Shopping

There has been a lot of posts about interactive video and video shopping lately. Video Gift Guide now is launching a new service that will seriously use interactive video to feature goods. The site will launch finally on 24th November, but there a video introduction available showing the interactive parts and aims to use them and giving some general information. So there will be shopping shows that are live. At the range of shopping this is another innovation. At the shows special deals will be introduced by real people and viewers are encouraged to request product introductions and deals.

The concept reminds on crowd sourcing to facilitate affordable prices. For now I wonder how the website will look, when the service does launch finally. As the shows will be live it will rather not become a video shopping directory like the introduce video shopping sites Shopflick or Talk Market. It might be one show every day like Woot does it with one product every day.

There is a Twitter Channel to keep updated with news about Video Gift Guide.

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