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Friday, October 24, 2008

Social Networking is as popular as Email is

There are some up to date stats about social media usage available. Now about 75 % of internet users do connect with others by social networking. Additionally users do embrace other social media services like blogs to be informed, do use recommendations and reviews as well as video sharing sites. 75 % is an amazing large share and one may contemplate if social networking is replacing email in part. Email up for now has always been the number one internet activity. A couple of years ago it has been considered if newsfeeds would replace email. Newsfeeds today are used everywhere, but these are not interactive as email and social media are. But newsfeeds are an enabling technology for social networking and by this it seems that those considerations might become real.

The mentioned study, which I became aware of by an article at ReadWriteWeb, has been released by Forrester Research .

Report: Social Web Usage Tipped in 2008

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