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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Blogvertising and Social Media Marketing

Two new blog advertising networks and social media marketing services have been introduced within the last couple of weeks. Those might be most interesting to bloggers and advertisers as they are part of important and established social media services and do serve niche markets.

At first there is the Conversation Ad Network by BuzzLogic. BuzzLogic offers marketing services targeting the social sphere and especially influencers. Their key product is BuzzLogic Insights, a service for marketers and pr professionals to reach influencers at the social web. The idea behind this product is to indentify influencers at the social web to be able to start conversations and to reach a better visibility for a product or service. The ad network is based on the same principle by using adverts. As BuzzLogic is specialized is targeting niches the ad network might be an important mean to monetize qualified blog project with low traffic and an important mean to advertisers to promote niche products.

The second ad network is Technorati Media by Technorati, an authority for the blogosphere (See the latest study of the study of blogosphere.). The advertising network is dedicated to the blogosphere and the social web.

1 Kommentare:

Cari said...

We also offer social media marketing services that are similar to Buzzlogic. We just started Buzz.io, which monitors, measures, and gets involved in relevant online conversations for companies that don't have the time or knowledge to do it themselves. We're all about creating relationships with customers through meaningful conversations.

We are also releasing a consumer version of our software that will allow companies to self serve.


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