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Friday, October 31, 2008

User generated Advertising might be a true Business Opportunity

Here is a success story from the other side, the users part. The New York Times reported about a guy who made 200000 dollars by user generated advertising. This confirms that user generated advertising is serious. On one side there is money and on the other side there is a real business opportunity for creators. What might be necessary to succeed? Usually there is a need of a larger audience that may become reached by viral video or widgets. This may be the case for the uga systems that work by voting. The other option is to be creative and to capture the idea of a product. A good example and another success story is the ad that has been created for the super bowl for some time. There has been an award, which has been won by a guy driving in a car and eating chips. The story has been that the spot made it to tv and that is has cost just a couple of dollars to make it.

Finding a Gold Mine in Digital Ditties.

User generated Advertising Sources

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