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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Some amazing eMedia Trends

At the end of very month I do some basic research for the update of FOLDEN.INFO and I have found some really interesting articles and trends, that are most related to the topics here at emediablogger. This concerns interactive video and is even related to the former post about machinima, interactive films made within virtual reality or games.

At the first article there is an expert opinion that there is not only a shift toward video consumption at the internet, but that there is evolving a new kind of media format. This new format is described as storytelling by video. Whereas there is no example mentioned, I do think about the latest movements of converging various forms of internet media into new kinds of services. Exemplary I do think about interactive video services like the new YouTube feature to link videos or Seesmic, which is for video conversations enabled by follower functions that are usually available at microblogging services. Last but not least there are the live video services, that are beloved here. You will find this statement at the end of the following article.

Online Video Market Evolves, Begins Morphing Into New 'Storytelling' Device

The second case, that is related to new narrative forms of video, are alternative reality games. At these kind of games there is a given and designed playground with a story and some characters. But the story and the game evolves by the engagement of users, who are solving tasks and contribute to the story. This happens as well in the real world as online by using all means that seem to be suitable. At the article especially the usage of internet video is mentioned and the possibilities for marketing. Here is a wikipedia definition of alternate reality games.

Industry Watch: Games Break Loose

Last but not least two articles about an interactive tv advertising pilot project and the emerging social media space.

MPG, Navic Test Interactive Ads (TV)

Social media goes global

Of course there have been more noteworthy occurrences. If you like to have a look at my review of latest internet marketing and emedia trends, you may visit the monthly internet trend coverage at FOLDEN.INFO. To stay connected and to be informed about updates you may either subscribe to the full text newsletter or to the newsfeed, which links to the newsletter contains parts of it.

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