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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Web based Video Communities with Business Opportunity

Business Thursday: Citizen entrepreneurship is a characteristic of social media. People may participate in business by a couple of means like widgets or even running own social media communities and Video is a feature with an own appeal.

Boostcast is a web based service, that enables everyone to run an own video sharing community even at an own domain. This service is customizable to give a unique look to particular communities. For monetization there are several up to date business opportunities offered like in stream advertising and community owners are able to integrate own advertising partners. To acquire new members to an own community this business opportunity may become passed on to attract new users. By this the up to date video community solution comes complete with an up to date business model.

Actually Boostcast already host nearly 20000 video communities. This figure may show that success will not achieved easily. A great concept might be needed and niches mostly are worth a try. To facilitate creativity Boostcast is offering an award to video community owners.

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