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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Tusavvy Social Search Engine

Tusavvy is further social search engine and again a social search engine with a different approach. The Tusavvy index is in part based on the social web and how people have linked websites and other data. The index ranks pages by popularity and other factors, where relevance and groups of interests are most important. By doing this the search engine aims to provide information important to niche interests. The index of the search engine is build by a crawler. But the main factor to crawl the web is following data at the social web.

This approach to crawling the web becomes visible at the search engine results pages (serps). The serps do consist of two different columns, pages discovered and tagged by people and most popular pages at the web at all. A nice and useful feature of the serps is the ability to add and delete keywords to narrow search results. There is also various factors to assort the search results, by date, by popularity and by the proprietory zRank. Tusavvy is in public beta actually and free to join.

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