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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Machinima Sources and Videos

I did some further research about of machinima and have found a diversified genre. Furthermore I have found a nice advertising example with complete information about how this video has been made and furthermore some sources and video sharing sites.

The machinima genre does differ by the available forms of media as described at the already mentioned wikipedia machinima article. At first there are all kind of electronic games, primarily mmorg and video games. A video sharing site for this kind of genre is machinima.com. It is a typical video sharing site with a lot of short videos. Nice to view are the featured videos, where my favorite has been the Dude series. Further video sharing site for videos made within games are Gamerz Theatre and sims99.com.

Different to videos with game scenes are the videos made within virtual worlds. A video sharing site dedicated to virtual reality worlds is Koinup. It is a place to share avatars and other created virtual reality items. By the media tab at the menu one reaches the machinima genre. A recommendable artist is Giu. Some further virtual reality videos are available again by a second life channel at machinima.com.

As a third kind of genre one may describe the use of special software independly from third party media as described above. This kind of software enables to easily create videos without programing skills. Related software is mentioned at the wikipedia machinima article.

The latter is the way Volvo has created a video to promote the V50. At the Game On Project homepage there is the award winning video available. Furthermore the whole production process is described, which makes it a nice case study.

Here are some further sources. A community of interest to promote the machinima genre is Celebrating Machinima. The site has a forum and does enable video uploads. Machinima 101 is another forum. At Second Life there is a particular page for information on how to create Machinima at the Creation Portal. Last but not least there is a machinima channel at Twitter.

Personally I am something fascinated by the idea to make a movie within a virtual reality world by playing real world and to start a virtual film production and studio. You may contact, if you feel the same by the contact at the bottom at the left.

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