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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Internet Video Trends and Movies

Here are some interesting internet video and video business trends in addition to the post emedia trends, where it has been mentioned that internet video becomes narrative elements.

At first there is a article confirming that internet video becomes favored to the disadvantage of tv viewing.
Web Video Chips Away at TV

The conclusion is a need for new content and at least this will be in part user generated content. A research from Gartner has found an increasing demand for Protail Video, a term describing semi professional content and similar to the term prosumer.
Gartner: Demand For 'Protail' Video On The Rise

The latter trend is followed by marketers looking for new advertising opportunities.
The Suits Are All About New Media

Opposite to this there seems to be some trouble in the range of professionally produced internet video formats like webisodes. The following article reports about lay offs, which might be reasoned in the weak economy. Personally I think that people are able to evaluate content and that there is a true favor for internet content just because of the success. The Gartner research is confirming this. At least it seems that the market of professionally produced internet video formats is not booming like social media.
Hyped Web Video Sector Starts to Hurt

The above context is difficult to match with the following. There are two further websites offering free content, movies and tv episodes, which one usually would describe as premium content. This is the german MSN Movies website and Crackle, a Sony property. I had already fun at Crackle by watching shorts. But in the context of the content business one may either think of a wise strategic step because of tough competition or one needs to question the value of professionally produced content. At all it seems that it will be most difficult to establish a business based on the paid content business model. Especially this might be due to the early hyped video on demand business model.
Sony Shapes Snappier Crackle

There are two other articles with future media trends. This concerns the use of the so called White Spaces. This is free part of the broadcasting signal, which either may be used for broadband internet connection or as a backchannel to realize interactive tv. Probably it will be used for both. Great news for new media enthusiasts. The second article is about an interactive tv pilot project in the US.
Google, Microsoft Win Big With FCC 'White Spaces' Ruling
LIN TV to Test Interactive Television

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