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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mobile Commerce Applications and Services

Business Thursday: The mobile market is one of the most promising growth markets and now might be the right time to start a business to participate or to establish a mobile channel. There are some business opportunities that are most similar to the web and some that are unique. The most similar business opportunity to the web is to monetize mobile pages by advertising. Another opportunity is to monetize applications. Something unique in mobile business is premium sms messaging. In the following there are two webbased applications, which are easy to use for everyone and a took kit to monetize applications. For more professional business solutions have a look at mobile commerce and to monetize content by advertising visit mobile advertising.

Fortumo offers messaging services in european countries and china. These messaging service may become applied to offer premium content services and to create a sms chat box. People may either pay to receive content or to send messages. A more advanced option is the opportunity to create own sms campaigns and to offer rewards. An outstanding option is the ability to connect the premium content facility with YouTube. This way it is a way to monetize video content. The Fortumo service is free to join and offers ready to use applications and advanced service for developers. The business opportunity is based on revenue sharing. If you look for an international service, you may try TeleWord.

Playscreen is a mobile platform for user generated content, that has already been covered here.

Mogees is a service to monetize mobile applications. They are offering a tool kit that needs to become integrated into an application. By this the application may become transformed into a shareware version to sell the full version. Another way is to monetize applications by the subscription model. All the business is handled by the online service.

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