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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Twitter integrated Pixel Advertising Page

Do you remember the good old days of pixel advertising, just a couple of years ago, when Alex Tew made one million dollar by the MillionDollarHomepage?

Now another project is placing Twitter avatars in a similar arrangement. Million Dollar Follow is working like a typical Twitter application. It is completely integrated and uses the Twitter account data to login. The site offers free advertising by placing an avatar in a grid. By clicking on the menu tab "Free Ad" one becomes redirected to a login page. After entering the data the avatar used at Twitter becomes automaticly placed on the grid and will refer to the own Twitter page.

Call it funny or useful, I thought about avatar advertising. The site even offers rewards. Members may win up to one million followers.

By the way, I gave the pixel advertising business a try, too. You may have a look at
MillionPixelMirror, which even has an own blog dedicated to pixel advertising. It is a vertical with photo and video adverts. If you are running a related site, give it a try. Advertising is free actually.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Great new Music Site with DJ Sets and Live Recordings

play.fm is a great new music portal to listen to original recordings of music played at music clubs. The site lists dj sets, radio shows and live recordings at clubs. There are about 12000 dj sets with electronic music and techno, jazz and reggae available. The music can be listened by a website player. The player has some outstanding features. It is able to mark particular tracks within the sets to discuss the music at a wiki of the website. By its upload facilities at the same time play.fm is a promotion platform for dj's, labels and clubs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Game Development Project

A different game development project has been started by BigPoint, which is an established portal for browser based games. BigPoint has launched a community for professional game developers called BigPoint DevLounge.

I wonder what is the reason for this step, which has to be described as strategic. Might it be the increasing competition by game developer communities, is it a way to reduce costs or to broaden the offering?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mobile Game Creation Software

A new mobile game software and portal had been launched by Mo'Minis. The service offers a free software for the creation of mobile games. The software enables both laities and professionals to easily design games, which are compatible with various mobile platforms and may be shared at the homepage or directly with friends. Other services are awards and a forum. The software is available for Windows XP and Vista. Further information is available by the faq of the homepage and by video tutorials.

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