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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Twitter integrated Pixel Advertising Page

Do you remember the good old days of pixel advertising, just a couple of years ago, when Alex Tew made one million dollar by the MillionDollarHomepage?

Now another project is placing Twitter avatars in a similar arrangement. Million Dollar Follow is working like a typical Twitter application. It is completely integrated and uses the Twitter account data to login. The site offers free advertising by placing an avatar in a grid. By clicking on the menu tab "Free Ad" one becomes redirected to a login page. After entering the data the avatar used at Twitter becomes automaticly placed on the grid and will refer to the own Twitter page.

Call it funny or useful, I thought about avatar advertising. The site even offers rewards. Members may win up to one million followers.

By the way, I gave the pixel advertising business a try, too. You may have a look at
MillionPixelMirror, which even has an own blog dedicated to pixel advertising. It is a vertical with photo and video adverts. If you are running a related site, give it a try. Advertising is free actually.

4 Kommentare:

Robert Black said...

Ahem, I draw your inattention to MillionDollarCu.be World's smallest ads, Konami Codes, iPhone gestural version, and more fun. Drop by for old-times sake. Robert

emediablogger said...

Wow, this is a nice one, too. I found another new pixel page: Word Number Date Project and formerly Startpix.com. Pixels still seem to have some fascination and the relationship to avatars may become advantageous.

Christin Kohler said...

Nice sharing!!!!!
millionpixelmirror is useful a lot for whom who are looking for posting Pixel Ads.

Nobanno said...

These pixel ads can help us a lot. A good sem Singapore to provide us this support.

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