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Friday, May 30, 2008

Mobile Social Media dominates the Mobile Usage

Opera, a browser company offering a mobile browser, has released a Mobile Browsing Report and a press release about it, Social Networks Dominate the Mobile Web. The report clearly states that mobile social media is as popular as social media is on the web.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Social Networking, How to Start and How to Become Involved

Social Media is a big thing and social networking offers opportunities for personal research and business. This article is about basics, useful tips to become involved and first experiences with marketing the emediablogger weblog.

To start with something you probably look for the right service. For social networking at its best this does not mean a particular social media service but a social network aggregator. This is because one usually want or need to experience more than one of that great stuff. You may want social bookmarking and video sharing or a search engine for you bookmarks. Social network aggregators enable the management of the data in use to share bookmarks and other things across several networks and to connect to friends on several services all from one account. Personally I have choosen the Flock Browser which gives me something like a particular dashboard. Other services are located online, which allows to access all data from every internet connection. Second is a nice user name, which you can use across all networks you want to join and to become easily visible. It is also useful to get a particular email address, where the messages about new bookmarks, group activities and hints about new friends come in and a homepage or blog to be mentioned at profiles. Last but not least there is something particular, it is the OpenID Standard. This standard is supported by many but not all social media services. An OpenID replaces passwords and enables the usage of several personas. Personas means a synonym or profile so that one can manage several profiles by one OpenID Account, for example a private and a business persona. These are the basics to start.

Now it is time to choose some social media sites you like to use and to thing about the stuff you need or like to experience. There are great services for bookmarks and search, photo and video sharing of course and those hot things like twitter. At first you may consider personal or business usage. For business usage be sure to read the terms carefully as some services do not allow commercial use. If you are a trade professional you rather need to join specific business networking sites, where you can find real business contacts, discussions of business related issues and even trade leads.

To find the right network beside the purpose there are two basic strategies. One is the content you are interested in and the other is the reach. The reach is important for own visibility as you may want to become found and get new friends for discussions or sharing your stuff. To find the right network there are a lot of lists around with top ten or even top hundred social networking sites. Here is an older but comprehensive list with pages for most purposes: Best of the Best Web 2.0 Web Sites. You may find further and new services at FOLDEN.INFO by Social Networking.

If you are there it is time to start to share. You may wonder how easily and fast you will find great pages you probably never heard about. If you want to become recommendations you need to get friends or join groups. In most cases this is easily done by a click. To find the right people you may surf by tag clouds or groups. At groups you will find discussions, too. To seriously promote your own profile you may look for top users and become friend with them. To get the best results make relevant posts and get connected and be active. You should not do something irrelevant or even spam. It is really not useful and mostly there are anti spam policies. If you take care, you will easily be able to get worthful new sources and new contacts for networking. If you like to become a friend of emediablogger simply click on the links at the right.

Related to my own experiences with the emediablogger weblog there is another useful advice for professional users. What has been remarkable is that the profiles at the services I have joined new came up immediately at search engines, while the weblog itself has not. Whereas the new emediablogger weblog has not been marketed for itself joining social networking services might be useful for reputation management. One can easily get involved into a discussion and deliver related information about a person or service.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Live Broadcasting from a Mobile Phone

There are a couple of so called personal broadcasting services around, which enable everyone to broadcast live at the internet. Actually I would describe it as a niche with about some thousand participating people by vague estimation. But it is fun and it is live. Now some services already are going a step further and enable live mobile broadcasts from a mobile phone and to mobile phones.

At the web there is Kyte.tv. They got a complete solution to broadcast to the web, a software to broadcast from a mobile phone and a mobile website at mobile.kyte.tv. They also offer complete business solutions for other websites at Kyte.com. BlogTV.com is another personal broadcasting service at the web. They do stream to mobile phones at m.blogtv.com, which is in beta now.

And there are some software solutions for mobile broadcasting, ComVu PocketCaster and qik. The pocketcaster software enables to stream to own pages and to post videos to blogs and video sharing sites. The qik service is in a alpha and invite only status, as mentioned at their faq. Check the homepage for more.

This is great stuff for fun and shows and it enables everyone with a smartphone to become a citizen journalist and live reporter for whatever events.

Do you like it? Here is a link to further personal broadcasting and user generated media services.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PaaS - A new kind of Software Development Platform

PaaS is a new kind of software development platform targeting the web application market, where PaaS stands for Platform as a Service. PaaS services do offer a bundle of tools to ease the software development process and improve the time to market of new applications. Advantages are similar to SaaS services, Software as a Service also called Application Service Providers, which do offer software to rent or so called web based software. Typically this means less or no investments in IT infrastucture, updates and maintenance are done by the service providers. PaaS services do offer and maintenance the software platform and collaboration tools for software projects, tools for software testing and last but not least they may host the new developed applications.

List of PaaS services: Innovations in Internet Business Software

Web based software is a general trend and the development of new applications is fastening and going along with software innovations like Online Desktops and WebOS services, Web based Operation Systems. This trend is due to applications of general interest as well as for industrial applications and, too, significantly shown by the web 2.0 movement, where new applications and services are coming up daily.

Article: SaaS is driving the world's 60 fastest-growing software companies, study finds

Friday, May 09, 2008

Free Live Music is here

Have you already experienced live internet music? There are a couple of services offering free and premium live internet music shows, live casts and recorded shows. WoozyFly.com is a free service, where musicians can broadcast themselves for free and live or upload music videos. There are a lot of features there, recorded shows and a lot of music videos, features to meet the bands or chat with other fans. There is also an offer for podcasters to get the code and to podcast particular music videos. The following is a music video taken for sharing.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How Films may become Interactive

I came across some state of the art and cutting edge services by researching lately. These really are revolutionary and every one for its own is able to change media. By putting them together even a new kind of film may arise, interactive movies. Already sometime ago people have started to experiment with new media to make films interactive. First tries have given the option to choose from different actions, e.g. using the left or the right door. This has been done at the internet as well as on cd sometime ago. Korsakow Syndrom is website remained online.

The new stuff is 360 degree video, which means that a whole environment is filmed, in front and at the back. This is Immersive Media offering. You can visit the website and will find some examples. The films become navigated by the mouse within the video.

This would enable to film a whole environment to give a playing field for interactive action. But there are still no actors. This would be a bit tricky. Do get actors into a movie in the future one may use artificial intelligence, an ai software and an avatar. The avatar may look like a star and be trained by one as ai is even able to learn. There are already application available for similar purposes like games (Artificial or Xaitment). .

By this the preconditions for an interactive film are available. One may film an environment and has actors, who could engage into the action the viewer wants.

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