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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Live Broadcasting from a Mobile Phone

There are a couple of so called personal broadcasting services around, which enable everyone to broadcast live at the internet. Actually I would describe it as a niche with about some thousand participating people by vague estimation. But it is fun and it is live. Now some services already are going a step further and enable live mobile broadcasts from a mobile phone and to mobile phones.

At the web there is Kyte.tv. They got a complete solution to broadcast to the web, a software to broadcast from a mobile phone and a mobile website at mobile.kyte.tv. They also offer complete business solutions for other websites at Kyte.com. BlogTV.com is another personal broadcasting service at the web. They do stream to mobile phones at m.blogtv.com, which is in beta now.

And there are some software solutions for mobile broadcasting, ComVu PocketCaster and qik. The pocketcaster software enables to stream to own pages and to post videos to blogs and video sharing sites. The qik service is in a alpha and invite only status, as mentioned at their faq. Check the homepage for more.

This is great stuff for fun and shows and it enables everyone with a smartphone to become a citizen journalist and live reporter for whatever events.

Do you like it? Here is a link to further personal broadcasting and user generated media services.

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