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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Twitter Business Option

Lately there has been a direct post to the emediablogger Twitter account about TweetBucks, which is an affiliate network enabling Twitter users to earn affiliate commissions with their posts. Now Adweek reports that PayPerPost is preparing to offer a feature, which will enable users to earn money by tweeting. PayPerPost is a blogvertising network, that facilitates advertising at blogs by sponsored blog posts.

And indeed there happens something at the PayPerPost homepage, which has launched a new version of the service called PayPerPost v 4.0. Opposite to this I wonder why AdWeek is calling the service "Izea, formerly called Pay Per Post", whereas there is the v 4.0 version.

In the following there is the complete AdWeek article:
Get Ready for Pay per Tweet

By the way. If you are in the information business and if you are able to deliver premium news, who may try TwitPub. TwitPub enables to create premium Twitter channels, which let users earn money by their tweets.

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