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Monday, July 13, 2009

Live HD Video of the Endeavour Launch

The launch of Endeavour Space Shuttle will be streamed live on the web by . A special website by the NASA has been installed at SpaceVidCast.com. The live stream is enabled by the personal broadcasting service ustream.tv, where another presence is located with chat and full screen features.

The NASA is most active on the internet and offering another video site at NASA TV. There occasionally live streams from the ISS are broadcasted, complete missions and educational stuff.

The correction above has been caused by a comment written by an operator of SpaceVidCast.com. SpaceVidCast.com generally streams space related streams. There is no involvement of the NASA in this site.

2 Kommentare:

Benjamin Higginbotham said...

Should point out that Spacevidcast.com has nothing to do with NASA, we simply rebroadcast any HD stream we can get our hands on including NASA, SpaceX, SeaLaunch, ESA, etc., etc.

emediablogger said...

Oh, thanks, I will add a correction.

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