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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Blog Publishing Network to Earn Money

There are a couple of strategies to earn money by blogging. Usually this happens by blogvertising. But this does require some knowledge about the advertising landscape and mostly a serious amount of visitors to earn a reasonable amount of money and to be accepted by an advertising network. To join a blog publishing network that pays for blogging might be an alternate option. Being part of a network assures some visitors by networking and the earning opportunity comes with the network.

So does today. It is a blog publishing network serving both novice and experienced bloggers. Newbies are invited to start an own blog using the free blog hosting service. Experienced bloggers may submit their blog to the directory. The latter is useful at all as today has an own blog search engine to become found and a directory with a broad array of topics. You may register here.

Another blog publishing network that aims to pay for blogging is Overblog. Whereas free publishing is already available the earning opportunity actually is announced to come soon. Nevertheless it already might be an interesting networking option as Overblog is available in multiple languages and does encourage bloggers to connect with each other.

And of course there is Blogger. With Blogger one gets easily connected to Google Adsense, which might become integrated without programming skills by a widget.

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