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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Invision.tv Media Interface for Internet TV and Video

Invision is the next service in the range of the upcoming new web interfaces for tv and video. Invision.tv is describing themselve as a guide for internet tv and video. They got a lot to offer, full episodes and videos, and to find further stuff there is a video search engine. The content reaches from internet video to established tv channels. The site is easy to navigate and there is a broad choice of media already available at the homepage. Further media is located at the 'Channels' menu tab. Channels at the homepage may become assorted by date or popularity. Another way to find interesting stuff is by the tab 'Interests'.

Furthermore there are social networking capabilities integrated. People may connect with others to discuss and share media or create groups of interests. To members the interface is cusomizable and they may receive information about new episodes, shows or videos. Last but not least there is a playlist editor. Edited playlists may become shared with others or at the internet.

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