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Monday, November 17, 2008

PostRank filters Newsfeeds for Buzz and Information

PostRank is newsfeed filter that enables to find the most popular and the most related information. The application automates two important tasks, looking for popular feeds and personalization to find related news. For both tasks there is a buzz filter to find the most engaging content at the socialsphere. PostRank is doing this by analysing social media sources like posts about an issue and resulting acitivities like bookmarking and commenting. The application may become used online as a webbased reader or with nearly every application, browsers or newsreader software. There is a video introduction available, a particular page for users and for developers.

Filtering information is a great way to manage possible information overload. Another way to organize information overload might be the use of self learning applications that filter and suggest resources automaticly like FeedHub or Feeds 2.0. Here you will find further newsfeed applications.

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