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Monday, November 10, 2008

User generated Advertising at Current.com

Using a thorough approach the news sharing site Current is matching citizen journalism with user generated advertising. Current is a well known site to share written news and video news. A success story has been reported by ReadWriteWeb that Current makes millions by user generated advertising. This of course supposes that the feature is worth to have a look. It is easily to become found right at the top menu and by this it is an essential part of the homepage. The link refers to a particular page called Viewer Ads. At this page visitors are encouraged to make an advert. At the top there are some ads and below sponsoring offers by advertisers. It seems to be a fair and lucrative business as further information is telling that spots aired at Current will earn 2500 dollars and if a spot is aired by a sponsor elsewhere, too, the opportunities are even rising up to 60000 dollars. Below there is the coverage by ReadWriteWeb with some further information.

Has Current Solved the User Generated Advertising Mystery?

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