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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Open Source Microblogging Software

The popularity of Microblogging and especially Twitter with its useful tools already had a broad coverage at emediablogger. And too the ongoing development by diversificated vertical microblogging has been mentioned. Now there launched an interesting open source software that enables the integration of a microblogging interface into websites and that facilitates to send messages to third party microblogging sites that support that a particular protocol.

It is OpenMicroBlogger. This open source software supplies an interface that enables to login and send messages to third party microblogging services that do support the OpenMicroBlogging Protocol. Installation as an interface is feasible as a stand alone application or as an addition to a weblog. There are some minimal requirements like php and a database for the installation and the service to work.

A similar feature is offered by Laconica. Laconica is an open source microblogging software, which powers the Identi.ca microblogging service. Members of Laconica based microblogging services are able to send messages within a community or to another Laconica based service.

The OpenMicroBlogger software is a great tool to enhance a blog or a service with a microblogging feature and to participate in this emerging trend. It is also a chance to start and populate and an own microblogging service. For further information there are articles and a newsfeed at the OpenMicroBlogger homepage. I may recommend the following article to get an overview about the features and connections of OpenMicroBlogger and Laconica An up to date list of active microblogging services is available at
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Laconica’s Not the Only Cool Kid In Town - Introducing OpenMicroblogger

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