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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Website Navigation is a crucial Success Factor

Business Thursday: Did you know that website navigation is a crucial success factor? It is. A clear navigation is a necessary mean to make a website or blog a success. At this blog you find at least six different navigation tools, labels, lists and search boxes. A site search is always recommendable. In the following there are some search tools for blogs and websites and solutions for social networks.

Lijit is a customizable search, which is designed for blogs and sites of friends in the social graph. It is a nice tool to ease the access to the information supplied and to keep visitors connected. There are statistics to get aware which content is visited most. A graphic is introducing the way the search works. The search box becomes integrated as a widget.

The Quintura site search is my personal favorite as you may see at the right. The search index is customizable by submitting various sources. What I appreciate is the visualization by tags and by this the various ways to access the information. The search box is customizable, but needs some space to show all of the navigation features.

Rollyo is another customizable search engine. The way it works is easily described by the naming. Search Rolls are done by submitting sources and the search box again becomes embedded by a widget. Search Rolls may even become shared with others.

To ease the information access at social networks some particular business and publisher solutions have been launched suitable to the social sphere. At first there is Praized Media offering a complete solution with millions of data sets about local businesses. The solution is social networking enabled and has primarily a local focus. The second one is Sightix, which focusses on the social graph of social network members. Sightix enables people to search within their social neighborhood.

If you are interested in search engines have a look at the october revision at FOLDEN.INFO. There you may access a large list of new search engines and an article about search engine trends and marketing.

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