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Thursday, October 16, 2008

User generated Advertising, Social Media and Viral Marketing

Business Thursday: User generated advertising is a special kind of user generated content. It is an opportunity to a lot of market participants, creatives, enterprises and users at all. There are several aspects related to user generated advertising beside the general availability of platforms and possible interaction by the internet at all. The idea of the platforms is to connect people with enterprises giving an opportunity to communicate, to users a way to be heard, getting feedback from customers as well as to get authentic statements for marketing. As advertising and marketing are business issues to enterprises there are also business opportunities to all participants. Usually this happens either by contests or even getting paid for creative work. Furthermore to media professionals or selfmade creatives it is a chance to become noticed and get a reputation by media showcases. In the following there is an introduction to a couple of platforms for user generated advertising.

Brickfish encourages to create various forms of media like blogs, photos, videos and other creative work. It is a platform that connects people with enterprises and brands. Enterprises may introduce a campaign and ask for a desired form of media. There is a list of campaigns available to browse by the menu at the homepage, which are assorted by campaigns open for participation, most popular and most shared. To share own campaigns or those of others there are social networking facilities to share media at other social networks. To users the participation at Brickfish is a chance to enhance the reputation and to win prizes.

GeniusRocket has a more professional approach with job listings and by offering a platform for business networking and professional collaboration. Nevertheless there is no restriction to join the community for independents, selfmade creatives or the like. It is a platform to get real contracts and to list real orders, to be seen and to earn cash.

XNLTads and the new introduced Poptent service are associated platforms dedicated to connect brands with independent film makers and semi professional talents to work on commercials. At the same time XNLTads is a platform for collaboration. The services do focus on internet video and its chances to be authentic and a more cost effective way for distribution and production. This is especially due to the new launched Poptent, which is equipped with online tools for video creation. Both platforms are offering real business opportunities to earn cash.

Zooppa.com again is a platform for everyone that connects people and brands to get into a creative relationship. It is a platform for various kinds of media, even concepts are requested. The idea is to connect the participants and to promote the work by viral marketing. Incentives for creatives to participate are reputation and cash prizes.

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