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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CBS launched Interactive TV Showrooms with Chat

These are hot news at all and to those who are in the media business it is something like groundbreaking. CBS, one of the biggest media companies in the world, is the first who launched internet tv with advanced viewing features beyond the availability of tv at the internet at all. The feature is called Social Viewing Room. This Social Viewing Room do enable visitors to chat while watching tv online and enhance the tv experience online by being interactive. Unfortunately the program is only available to viewers in the US.

A couple of other big players in the reach of internet video (not tv) are offering similar social viewing and do start to enrich the tv experience. In the reach of showrooms there is Lycos Cinema (US only), a video on demand service with social viewing of movies, and YouTube with Streams for social viewing of internet video, which has been introduced at the post Interactive Video goes Mainstream. At tv there is a project by Yahoo aiming to enrich the viewing experience by bringing widgets to the tv screen.

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