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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Become part of the Music Business

The music industry is really on the move and changing. Today there are hundreds of music sites enabling independents and unknown musicians to upload their songs and showcast them and on the other hand there is the discussion about copyrights and other issues. Now here are some alternative business models and chances to participate in the music business.

At SongVest rights to songs are auctioned off. By buying a share one gets some rights to a song. And if so one participates in the revenue streams and gets royalties everytime a song is played or performed. Actually there are only a few songs listed, but some have been created by well known artists. Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and, wow, now I read Ringo Star are listed. This might be worth a try. I have not visited all pages, but for now there are no bids at the visited pages and the auctions do start with just 1 Dollar. The fees are $ 150 for legal transfer and $ 30 for shipping.

Popcuts is doing something else. People may earn by recommending. It is a social network offering premium downloads for just 99 cents. If someone has bought a song and someone else buys it later, the one who bought the song earlier will earn some money. This may work well at music sites and by actively recommending songs.

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