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Friday, October 10, 2008

Online PR Services do start Social Media Formats

Social media becomes an important issue to public relation professionals as social networking in part is about news and news sharing. There are a couple of terms around like PR 2.0, social media release and social media news release or social media newsroom. The key issue is to deliver news in a format that may become easily adopted and shared by multiplicators like bloggers and social networkers. Up to now social media newsroom has been a term to describe company activities to enrich online press rooms with social media formats. These might be newfeeds or video and the like. Two established online pr services now have started to offer social media features by offering social media newsroom as professional services.

PR Newswire has a service for video called MultiVu, a multimedia news release service. The service may either combine various media formats for representations or is using video. Especially the latter may have the potential to increase visibility because search engines now show videos within search results. Search engines as well as internet video sharing sites and portals are an additional channel for news releases of increasing importance.

PRWeb has introduced RSSPAD. It is a service to create newsfeeds and to distribute them. Whereas the service is still in beta there are already thousands of feeds listed. PRWeb is offering free and premium services, the use of RSSPAD is free.

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