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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nice Video about Crowd Sourcing at Virtual Worlds

I came across a nice video, which shows something like crowd sourcing in virtual reality worlds. It is a video about a group of women, who seem do have assembled. Then they are swarming into the virtual world of Second Life and do visit some places. They do either look like some activists or something like a workforce or maybe they have just gathered because of common interests. Whereas in some way it might be natural that groups arise within virtual worlds or that groups are made professionally for some purposes, this video is giving something like an impressive view of such groups and their power. And while the video has something like a journalistic style one may think about a new form of journalism and reporting from within and about virtual worlds. Ok, there are already journals about games and virtual reality, but have a look how this video has caught the scene. Unfortunately the video ends a bit adrupt.

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