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Monday, October 06, 2008

Music Business Service for Project Financing and Investments

Bandstocks is another music business service introducing an alternative to the ad supported free music business. Bandstocks is about financing music projects.

As the music industry is on the move the term project might become an interesting subject. Creativity today is not only required by the artists themselves to create something that is desired, but too by creators of concepts and marketers in the entertainment business to establish a successful business. As one may state that the time of the million billion dollar business is over for the music industry today new concepts might be needed to establish a business model based on art. Art might be the right term beside music as there indeed exists a broad playing field consisting of music, video opportunities and further ways of expression. Maybe a more comprehensive and integrated approach might be the new success model in the entertainment business. This is a chance to a broader range of market participants, the established entertainment business, independents and new artists as well as for other players like programers and even event organizers.

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