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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Using Clickstreams for Bookmarking

Clickstreams just have been introduced at the former article about co browsing as a unique feature of the Cluztr service. Now another service has been launched using clickstreams to replace bookmarking. The service is called Infoaxe and is realized by a browser plugin. The service is still in alpha actually, but open to everyone opposite to the up to date invite only of Cluztr.

To me the name is interesting as I would categorize clickstreams as a way of information management. This is especially due to the approach of Infoaxe, which is described as a tool for information sharing. Opposite to this Cluztr has a social networking approach. Whereas clickstreams might be an interesting option for fast information gathering and to recover formerly visited sources; I guess privacy is a sensible issue.

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