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Friday, August 22, 2008

Internet Video and Interactive TV

A story about a future application for interactive tv by Yahoo and Intel had a lot of publicity today (emediablogger @ digg). What has been announced are widgets for tv, which means interactivity and personalized news at the tv set. That is interesting and good news for internet professionals as this again confirms that internet technologies will be something basic to interactive television which is expected for 2010 depending on regional developments. Interactivity at videos is most advanced at the internet as just posted yesterday interactive video is going mainstream. This gives reason to think about internet companies to have an impact on interactive television, which even already happens. A way to receive internet and internet video already exists by set top boxes and media servers like the famous TiVo. Whereas real interactive tv might be hard to imagine it is upcoming for sure. Already the Yahoo / Intel project shows that this will go far beyond the features available today like sending messages to a broadcast. If there are widgets and feeds involved nobody will stop people from sending videos and make their way to the screen. It will be interesting and fascinating to see how the convergence of television, internet and other media will happen.

If you are interested in this subject you will find information sources about future tv, up to date itv applications like epg's, developer resources and applications for interactive tv at FOLDEN.INFO.

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