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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet Advertising Innovations and Trends

I came across two completely different announcement by internet advertising services related to placements and content. The interesting case is that one is favouring precise targeting up to the page level and the other does embrace the opposite way by integrating user generated content even within display advertising. If you have knowledge about internet advertising, you may have noticed the discussion about placements at social media and at the long tail as well as pages in general.

LucidMedia is offering a contextual targeting solution up to the page level. This assures a precise placement by a marketers choice of content and pages.

A completely contrary approach has been announced by Avenue A Razorfish in cooperation with Pluck, a provider of social media solutions (Avenue A, Pluck Make Interactive Ads … Interactive). What they aim to do is to enable users to interact with ads and to add content to display advertising. This would be a new level of interactivity at online advertising.

At all there will be a broader choice of advertising formats to choose from. Contemplating that people are just watching what they want may question the argument about unrelated content. But precise targeting might be useful in high priced segments or b2b markets. The advertising market is still evolving and it will be the marketers choice.

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