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Monday, August 25, 2008

Comment Tracking Services and Tools

Comment tracking and commenting tools are useful to keep in touch with own comments, to read others and to enrich the experience. Some comment tracking tools have even evolved to own social networks for discussions. This is an update to the earlier post about comment tracking tools.

co.mments is a tracking tool to to keep in touch with own posts and to be informed about new comments.

Bubble Comment is an application for adding video comments to a website. People may share their comments. If a publisher wants a website to be enabled for video comments, simply a free button needs to be installed.

commenZ is a comment community with an own toolbar. People may post comments to the community instead of posting them on a website. Comments of the community may become read by a toolbar while visiting a website. Arguments for this toolbar might be to avoid deletion of comments and closer discussions at the community. Toolbars often are a way for more serious information sharing, too.

CommentAnywhere is another browser plugin available for Firefox only actually and usable for information sharing. It allows to comment everywhere and share opinions with friends, groups and at social networks.

Disqus is a comment system for websites. The intention of Disqus is to enable discussions beyond a particular website, which might be a great tool for publishers to enrich the experience of visitors.

LineBuzz again is an unusual but interesting tool. It enables comments at every part of a text by marking a part of it.

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