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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some Facts and Numbers about Widgets and Marketing

Widgets are popular and useful for information and marketing. In the following there are some articles with facts and numbers about the usage and money spend for campaigns.

This article includes some numbers and contemplates about different kinds of widgets:
comScore Widget Metrix Report: 615 Million People Viewed or Interacted With a Widget

The following is the most controversial article I read about marketing with widgets. It emphasizes the costs and reflects the thoughts made at the former article. It is clear that companies may spend a large amount of money for a campaign, if they are able to attract a large audience. Opposite to this there are easy ways to develop widgets and to get into this business:
Tiny Widget Apps Can Lead to Some Big Bills

This is a success story about a campaign using widgets:
Widgets drive Web readers

Conclusion: There are most different approaches for campaigns using widgets. The market has already developped and embraces advanced advertising technologies like behavioural targeting. Furthermore marketing with widgets indeed has already influenced the advertising market by the requirements of new metrics like engagement, which means measuring the activity within a web applications and the time spent with it instead of page impressions. Another trend that came up with social media marketing is the targeting based on profiles and relationships instead of using demographic data.

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