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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Social Media and Widget Advertising Networks

Widget advertising has already been mentioned as one business opportunity with widgets for marketers and publishers at the introduction of doing business with widgets at the post Widgets, Advertising, eCommerce and Widget Development. This article is introducing several social media and widget advertising networks, which reaches the social media sphere and do offer social media advertising and monetizing opportunities to developpers of rich web applications, publishers or owners of pages at social networks.

At first there is Ad Chap calling themselve an ad network for social networks. They are specialized in facebook and offering various advertising formats for facebook applications. Advertisers may target this group of publishers within Facebook. which is one of the largest and most popular social networks. The ad network relies on a self service for advertisers and delivers real time statistics. Another advertising network targeting Facebook is the fbExchange. On the publishers side they are offering opportunities to developpers of applications.

Clearspring is a whole widget network offering various services. They got a platform for the distribution and viral seeding, management and tracking of widgets. By their Widget Media Page advertising and monetizing opportunities are accessible.

Cubics is a pure advertising network. They are specialized to serve developpers of social network applications and offer precise targeting to advertisers by demographic data.

gigya again is a widget network with a couple of services like viral seeding. They are offering advertising and business opportunities to site owners, developpers and the development of branded widgets to companies.

Google GadgetAds is the web application part of Googles AdSense and AdWords advertising networks. There is a lot of useful information at their introduction like case studies and success stories. Actually this program is limited to advanced users.

A couple of further widget advertising networks are offering more specialized options like affiliate programs for particular products, product or music recommendations and even own shops or shopping within widgets. If you are interested in this, please visit Commerce Widgets at FOLDEN.INFO and for further advertising and marketing opportunities at social networks Social Media Markertng.

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Liza Hausman said...

Gigya is a technology company that helps web publishers distribute, track and monetize their content. On top of that infrastructure we have built a widget distribution network, delivering installs of brand advertiser widgets on a cost-per-install basis across multiple social platforms.

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