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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mobile Social Media and Networking

Mobile social media is a hot activity at mobile phones as reported at Mobile Social Media ... Usage. A whole range of social media services are available as mobile only services and more and more social networking services do establish mobile sites. The popular news rating site Digg with its mobile version is an example.

The most noticeable difference of mobile applications might be the need for the installation of software opposite to the ease of use by a mobile page and access. Mobile widgets are a further option. Personally I favour the mobile access of services as these do not depend on a particular carrier and other issues. But of course the need to install a software might depend upon the importance and purpose. In the following there are some mobile social networks introduced accessible by login at mobile pages, which are all available at FOLDEN Mobile. Further applications are available by the following external link to mobile social media.

Most useful with mobile phones might be location based information as usually one is on the go. Location based information might delivered automaticly by gps devices and applications or gathered by mobile social media. A service that is about sharing local information is Socialight. The Socialight service is searchable by locations and items. Other ways to navigate are tags like history and channels for cities. Channels may become edited by groups of people. One may find other people and login to contribute and to discuss.

itsmy and MocoSpace are both popular mobile networks with 10000s of users online at the mobile internet. They are offering a lot of features like messaging, mobile pages and blogs, dating and mobile video.

mdog and mobiseer are about news. mdog is a mobile news search engine, which may become personalized and used to search information from websites and blogs. mobiseer is a mobile social bookmarking service displaying popularity by views. A couple of other mobile news and news sharing services are Mippin, ReadBurner for newsfeeds offering, too, a service to mobilize blogs and Technorati Mobile.

All services mentioned are available just by a click at social networking or news at FOLDEN Mobile, where mobile video is another nice feature beside travel information and other useful services.

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