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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Widgets, Advertising, eCommerce and Widget Development

Business Thursday: Widgets are small internet applications, that may become installed at web sites and social media pages or at the desktop and mobile phone. Synonymous names are gadgets, rich internet or web applications. Like a software programmed for a particular purposes, widgets may be used for most every meaningful intention. Technically widgets are client side applications, which means that applications become loaded just one time or installed like software. Then only the information becomes updated. Typical purposes are the distribution of information or media, games or communications purposes like chat, messaging or even video conferencing. Widgets are most popular to obtain information at internet devices and at social media. They have become such important that even the W3C internet standardization body has launched a group called WebApps Working Group aiming to define standards for widgets and other client side applications. Popular widgets are loaded millions of time and some networks deliver billions of impressions daily.

To participate in this business opportunity there are several ways depending on the targets and it might be easier that the introduction has sound. By developing a widget enterprises and even homepage owners may get viewers and visitors. A popular example for blogger are blogrolls. Depending on the approach widgets may easily become generated by automatic means, the widget generators. Enterprises may develop branded widgets themselves or by a service to better deliver a message.

The second opportunity is the widget advertising, which is mostly the same as on the web. But additionally adverts could be included within a widget. As a widget is either the marketing tool itself or carrying adverts, commercial widgets may be found and distributed at a company homepage or at widget directories, advertising at widget advertising networks. Popular affiliate widgets for example are the amazon widgets, which are customizable to display particular products.

Widget generators, development kits and services often are offered by widget directories, too. So does LabPixies, a widget directory offering advertising services, too. Another directory is SpringWidgets, which is offering a widget development kit. Widgetbox again is offering an easy way for developping by its widget generator and syndication services at the directory. The latter is what Widgipedia does for desktop, mobile and web widgets. YourMinis is directory and does offer further services. Google and Yahoo both do offer a directory and a development suite by Google Gadgets and Yahoo Widgets.

Do not miss the feed to obtain further information about widgets soon and feel free to bookmark and spread the word.

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