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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get Content and Visitors for your Blog

Business Thursday: This is a second business related posting on blogging. Business related postings are a serial that will allways happen on Thursday. You will find these postings at a column at the left side of the blog named Business Thursday.

If you are seriously blogging to make money or just to become popular you will need visitors and good content. One way to get content has already been described at paid postings. Another way to enrich a blog is by content syndication. Content syndication is a particular term describing the exchange or reuse of content from or with other sources. Content syndication in general of course is not only a way to get content but for content distribution, too. For blogs and bloggers there are two ways to participate in content syndication. One way is by syndicating the newsfeed of a blog, which usually is generated automaticly. You may either offer the feed at your homepage and make a hint that the feed is available for syndication or you actively submit the feed to special newsfeed search engines and directories. Of course you may also submit your entire blog to particular weblog search engines and directories.

The second way to syndicate content is something particular to weblogs. It is called blog rolling. By blog rolling you will exchange your content with other blogs, which usually happens by widgets. By submitting your content to a blog rolling service you will get a widget to become installed at your blog. Then, if the content of a syndicated blog appears within the widget on your own weblog, your content will be shown at the other participating blogs in exchange. There are a couple of blog rolling services around.

One services is Blogrolling, which enables manual editing and adding other blogs to a linklist. Blogrush is a service enabling the exchange of related content with other blog by a widget. Feevy is rather a service to get related content by your favorite blogs. Link2Blogs.com is a content and link exchange to become visible at other blogs. And there is MyBlogLog, a popular service supplied by Yahoo showing images of your visitors, too..

Last but not least the concept of rolling content has become adopted by other services like video sharing services and the like. If you look for a rolling service for something particular you may try a search for link exchange or building a link roll.

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Your blog is very informative n helpful .. thanks…..keep it up.


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