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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 10 File Hosting and File Sharing Services for Social Networking

File sharing is a hot issue now as sharing of large multimedia files becomes possible by broadband internet connections. There are two variations, p2p file sharing using software to share files located at computers of participants and file sharing services that allow uploads, host the files and offer links for download. The latter may be used to send large files by email or to offer downloads at homepages and weblogs by links. Most of these file sharing services got different features and some of these services are going a step further now by offering web 2.0 interfaces with download and upload functions available for blogging and social networks or by offering mobile interfaces. Others combine file sharing with collaboration and backup services.

If you need it large either for your files or storage there are the following two file hosting services. File Dropper is a free service enabling uploads of real large files. They got a simple interface and allow file uploads up to 5 GB. After uploading one get a link to send it by email or a html link for website integration. Last but not least there are premium offers to manage uploaded files. Different to this is 4shared.com by offering 5 GB free storage. Here one gets a free account with file management, but the maximum file size for uploads is 100 MB. The premium services do allow larger file uploads, too. At 4shared.com there is also community featuring files at the homepage.

For blogging and social media there are the following services. DivShare offers multimedia file hosting and plugins to upload files from within particular social media services. For developers there is an api for the creation of own applications and widgets. EatLime is specialized in video sharing. They do offers widgets for the integration of videos at various social media services. Then there is MyDataBus.com enabling the upload of large files up to 1.5 GB and offering widgets for web 2.0 integration, too. Oosah got similar networking features. Furthermore they got functions to create mashups across several pages and to integrate files from the web.

Something in particular is offered by TinyLoad.com and Twittershare. TinyLoad.com is a meta upload tool with a choice of file hosting services to choose from. Uploaded media can be shared anywhere. Twittershare of course is for sharing files at Twitter.

With mobile access there are two most comfortable services, humyo.com and FilesAnywhere. Both have mobile interfaces for file access and a lot of features like security and data synchronization. For music, photo and video there are special streaming features at both. humyo.com is even offering mobile streaming, FilesAnywhere enables guests to upload files.

Find further file hosting and file sharing services.

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John said...

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