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Friday, June 27, 2008

Personal Broadcasting and Live Video become Hot

Several new live video and personal broadcasting services came up with a couple of new features. Two video services do offer microblogging functions or an integration for live posts. Flixwagon is another live video service enabling broadcasts by using a smartphone. One can stream live video to their website and store it to embed it elsewhere later on. Furthermore they are offering a widget for live video broadcasting to blogs or homepages and a feature for live posts at twitter. A microblogging function, too, has Seesmic. Seesmic is a community for video conversations. They got microblogging with a following functions and near live conversations. Live video again is offered by Seero. They are calling themselves a geo broadcasting community. Videos at Seero are assorted at a map and tagged by gps data. It is a global community to experience locations and places. And there is zaplive.tv, a personal broadcasting community at the web offering channels, which is available in several languages.

Personal broadcasting seems to become a hot issue. This is due by the ease and fun and to the things that one can do with it. One can easily set up an own online show, become a dj or even a live reporter by using some software on a smartphone. It is revolutionary to the expense to set up a broadcasting channel some years ago. And live broadcasting may become a killer application as publishing companies are eager to embrace user generated content to enrich their services and to acquire up to date reports. For user generated content there are already a couple of marketplaces for photos and video content. Last but not least it is advantageous for publishers by covering a broader range of events recorded or live and a general or occasional business opportunity for everyone.

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